Me, Me, Me

Before I formally “begin” my nth blogging journey, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Kris, and I’m 30-something years old. My hubby and I have been married for four years (as of later this month), and we are extremely blessed to be parents to Baby M–now a darling, toddling 18-month-old boy.

I love to eat, read, and above all, spend time with my two boys. I’m blessed because my hubby allows me to stay at home–which means that I’m able to keep an eye on the little boy AND remain unshowered in my pajamas all day! Just kidding! I try to be productive, too! But more on that later.

I started Mommy Minutes (Manila) because like all mommies, I have anecdotes, learning experiences, tips, product reviews, and random musings to share. Whether you learn from them, laugh at them, or even roll your eyes and close the browser–that’s up to you.

I’m definitely no expert at motherhood, but I am enjoying every little bit of the journey. I’d really love it if you could join me.

To new beginnings.


Kris 🙂


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