The Right Pedia

Two nights ago, baby M started to get a cold. He would be asleep in our bed, then would wake up every so often wailing because he wasn’t able to breathe through his nose very well. One time, he sat up and groggily called out, “Mobby?” Let me tell you that I was a mess. I felt so sorry for the little boy with such a stuffy nose that he could not even say “Mommy” properly!

As of today, baby M is still sick with a cold, cough, and high fever. Unfortunately, a sick baby makes for a worried sick mommy and daddy. What makes mommy, daddy, and baby feel better? The right pediatrician.

Parents might have various criteria  when searching for  a pediatrician. Proximity, clinic hours, and cost of vaccinations? Yes, these are important concerns! Are they the only things to look out for? Nope.

In our case, one of the major deciding factors for going to our pedia is how easy it is to contact him (and how nice he is about it).

If you’re a worrier like me, you may benefit from finding a pediatrician you can reach during what you as a parent believe might be emergencies. Yes, I mean a doctor you can text  because your child has a very high fever, or can send a message to because your baby fell off the bed for the first time.

My husband and I have sent a LOT of messages to baby M’s pedia in the last year and a half. I shared to our pedia my frustrations and fears about breastfeeding and the baby not getting enough milk, and sent him photos when my son suddenly developed a really bad case of baby acne or allergies. The best part? He replies!

If you are anything like me, you will spend a great deal of time stressing over your sick or uncomfortable baby. While of course clinic visits are still essential in certain situations, there’s most definitely a peace of mind that comes from knowing that the doctor is just one message away.

What are your deciding factors for choosing a pedia?


7 thoughts on “The Right Pedia

  1. This is one of the most difficult things to find for babies/toddlers. One time, I had to change pedia because my son would get really scared of the tough-looking doctor. Now, he has this humorous pedia, which helped a lot during our visits in the hospital. Having one whom you can send a message any time of the day, though, is a different story. =) Good that you have one.

  2. A really good pediatrician is a must-have. We’re actually looking for one now. The one we had before is too old to work already. She was my pedia since I was a baby. 🙂

  3. The husband of my OB/GYN is a pediatrician so most of her patients’ kids automatically become his husband’s patients, too. My OB/GYN is very accessible. I can text her even on weekends. There were even times when she initiated the “kumustahan” because I failed to give her an update. I do hope that his husband will treat Baby Z the same way. :p

  4. That’s what I miss about our pedia when we were still in the South. Our pedia was Dr. Yatco and we so love him. But we had to find another one when we moved here in BGC, plus it has to be someone who’s Blue Cross accredited. Our pedia is great, she’s very professional and she’s very good, I still miss Dr. Yatco though.

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