So here I am. Again. I have to admit that I was tempted to start ANOTHER blog or, at the very least, delete the first few entries in a lame attempt to “start from scratch.” But then I realized that I might as well embrace my inconsistency, as I’m likely to put on another disappearing act at some point in the future. Hopefully, nothing as bad as an absence of almost two years.

So… a lot has happened since my last post in 2015. By a lot, I mean the conception and birth of a second child!

As of this moment, I am a momma to TWO. There’s the energetic, intelligent, talkative, and charming almost-three-year-old boy–and the beautiful, teething, drooling, crawling almost-seven-month-old baby girl.

I felt the need to revive this blog as many things are in store for our little family of four in the near future, and I really, really want to document and share them with you. Please stick around. I promise I will!


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