Homeschooling Begins in 3…2…1…

Why, hello there!

So it’s been five months since my last post. Yes, yes, I know that isn’t an impressive statistic at all! Please bear with me as I am a momma to two young ones and I barely have time to brush my hair. I wish I were exaggerating! 😛 But honestly, blogging is a luxury I have not been able to afford in the last few months.

But on to bigger news–news that not even my entire family knows yet. We’ve decided to homeschool our little boy! Now this isn’t a decision we’ve made lightly. We’ve been discerning about this since Mateo was one (he’s three and a half now). We’ve gone to two homeschooling conferences and a few seminars for homeschooling first-timers, and we’ve also interviewed/nagged several homeschooling friends about absolutely anything and everything homeschooling-related. We’ve read books and articles and x number of blogs. More importantly, we’ve prayed about it and are confident that this is what we should be doing–at least this year.

Since Mateo is still young, we aren’t enrolling with a homeschool provider just yet. Instead, we’ve decided to tread the intimidating world of homeschooling lightly and do it independently with lots of help from our dear friend Google. Thankfully, there are a LOT of creative and generous mommas out there who are more than willing to share their resources. So for our family, homeschooling this year will be comprised of plenty of play, some worksheets here and there, and lots and lots of quality time with the kids.

I initially wanted to begin homeschooling in January–when Mateo turned three. However, I decided to wait until most schools started the year in June. But the first and second weeks of June flew by, and so we finally decided on June 26, 2017. It was a Monday, it was a holiday (which meant Daddy was home), it was perfect.

I aim to document our homeschooling journey as much as I can, giving credit where it is due as much as possible. Hopefully, I’ll be able to help out other mommas–both locally and abroad–who, like me, are completely clueless and taking it one day at a time. 😛 More importantly, I’m hoping that a detailed, online record of Mateo’s homeschooling journey will help me out later on–when it’s Katrina’s turn.

So here we go. Cheers to the year ahead!

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