Trying out Letter of the Week

Mateo is good at a LOT of things, but identifying letters isn’t one of them. He can carry a tune and dribble a ball, but point to a letter and ask him which it is, and the chances are pretty high that he’ll name a random letter. To be fair to him, he can correctly name about 10-12 capital letters on a good day. The small letters, not so much.

Letter of the Week is a curriculum I’ve considered trying with Mateo for quite some time now. I’ve read countless articles advocating for this curriculum, but also found a number of posts advocating against it. Most of the articles I read against it argued that one week was just too long a time to focus on one letter, and that a child could learn several letters in that timeframe. While I somewhat agree with the anti-LOTW arguments, I’ve decided to try it anyway.

Since this is our first ever attempt at homeschooling and we aren’t in a hurry to teach Mateo to read, this slow and steady pace may be a good one to start with. Besides, we can always move on to the next letter if he already knows it. Isn’t that what homeschooling is all about?

Let’s see how it goes!





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