First month: Check!

We did it! We reached the one month mark! I’m alive! Woohoooo! *throws confetti*

I’ll admit, homeschooling these last few weeks wasn’t always easy.  It’s a lot of trial and error on my part–especially when it comes to finding new activities for Mateo to actually show interest in. I’ll spend a couple of hours during the weekend researching, printing, and cutting some worksheets/activity materials for us to do together, only for him to say “Not that!” the second I whip something out.  The little boy can be stubborn when he wants to, so forcing him to do a simple worksheet just isn’t worth the effort. I’ll shed a few silent tears for the wasted effort, paper, and printer ink… then move on.

Of course, we have our good days. Thankfully, we have a lot of them. It’s the good days that keep me believing that we can do this. Mateo still eagerly asks me to do school with him every day–even if he does reject some of my proposed activities. When we’re reading together, he’ll excitedly point out a specific letter or even sight word we’ve covered in one of our lessons. He’s learning, and we’re blessed to get to witness it first-hand.

I’m looking forward to many more months (maybe even years?) of homeschooling with Mateo. Hopefully, he’ll want to homeschool with me, too!





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