Got Ants? Try the X-TERMINATOR!

I hate ants.

When we moved into our home a few years ago, we almost immediately found ourselves dealing with a major ant problem in our bedroom. We tried various things (like smashing them with our hands!), but the ants continued to multiply and insisted on ruining our lives.

After I gave birth, things got baaaaad. Did you know that ants like breastmilk?! It also didn’t help that the hubby and I found ourselves eating almost all our meals in our room since I was still recovering from my c-section delivery. So, the ant issue got even worse.

Then one day, a momma friend of mine suggested a number of products that might work. Lo and behold, we found exactly what we were looking for in a plainly packaged container labeled “X-Terminator.”


My household and I love X-Terminator for several reasons:

  1. It gets the job done.
  2. It’s safe to use around babies, children, and pets! No chemicals added!
  3. The price isn’t bad at all.
  4. It doesn’t smell like anything. There’s no need to air out a room smelling of nasty insect killer spray.
  5. It’s really easy to use. Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle!

Although the packaging indicates that X-TERMINATOR completely eradicates cockroaches, termites, ants, mites, and wood borers, we’ve only tried the product out on ants. While I’m very curious to find out if it works on cockroaches, we have another very effective solution for that, which we call “the slipper method.” 

I bought our bottle of X-TERMINATOR at Sesou Nature Source for just P95. According to an email exchange with Seven Seas Multi-ventures, it is also available at SM Supermarkets, Cash & Carry, and South Supermarket.

Note: My review of this product originally appeared in”The Green Nest”– a now defunct blog that three momma friends and I tried putting up last year. Shoutout to Dalai Momma, Real Momma, and Moolah Momma! 🙂