Capsule wardrobes.

Bullet journaling.

These are three methods I’d like to explore further this year. Not because they’re the “hip” things nowadays, but because I want to simplify my life the best way I can–and I  need help. I feel like I’m drowning in to-do lists, as well as accumulating too many things that I will not use or wear (ever). I’ve got to start somewhere.

This week, I started my own bullet journal.  I don’t recall ever filling up an entire yearly planner, but I dare say that I’ve found something that really works for me and can actually sustain. A bullet journal is extremely easy to customize according to your own needs, and is perfect for people like me who have countless notes and to-do lists that wind up on post-its and pieces of scratch paper that eventually get lost or thrown away.

I’ve written on approximately seven pages of my bullet journal so far. Baby steps.

A Fresh Start

Like most people, I am most full of hope at the beginning of a new year.

It’s been a busy last few days, but this evening, I finally opened up WordPress and began to list down my resolutions for the next 12 months–complete with concrete steps on how to achieve them. Maybe I just had a good weekend, but I am brimming with optimism that I can improve myself this 2017 and actually attain my personal goals.

While I initially thought that I would be more likely to meet these resolutions if I posted them on my blog, I quickly realized that I would rather keep my resolutions offline this year. No offense to you, my non-existent reader.

Just remember this: No matter how bad or good your 2016 was, He makes all things new.

Here’s to blessings and surprises in 2017!